Redken – No Blow Dry


Provides a quick air-dry with effortless control and movement.

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Provides a quick air-dry with effortless control and movement.

Get a faster air-dry with effortless texture and a no-product feel. featuring air-tex technology with flexible polymers for control with movement and quick-dry polymers for faster drying time. perfect if you’re tight on time, taking a break from heat tools, or looking for effortless style!

– faster air-dry
– enhances natural texture
– effortless style
– natural look
– no-product feel

How to use:

– work a small amount evenly into damp hair
– scrunch or twist in
– air-dry

Tips & tricks:

For loose beach waves
apply nbd, create one loose braid and let hair air-dry. undo braid and shake out hair.

For tighter beach waves
apply nbd and create two or more braids, depending on hair’s thickness. let hair air-dry, then undo braids and shake out.

For soft bend by your face
apply nbd, clip hair behind your ears, and air-dry. unclip and gently tousle.

For bouncy waves with root volume
apply nbd, twist hair into a high topknot, and air-dry. undo topknot and gently brush.

For tousled waves with sleek roots
apply nbd, twist hair into two low buns, and air-dry. undo buns and gently brush.

For enhanced natural texture
apply nbd, scrunch hair to bring out texture, and air-dry.

For defined natural curls
apply nbd, gently twist curls into shape with your fingers, and air-dry.