Wispers Introduces INNOluxe Innovation

Meet the secret to unlocking the hair you’ve always wanted. INNOluxe means you can be as bold as you want with your style, confident that it’s outrageously healthy.

This innovative protein technology doesn’t just protect your hair during the colouring process, it repairs it and restores its strength. It builds integrity within the hair’s structure, leaving it feeling thick, lustrous and healthy. You’ll be selfie-ready before you know it

INNOluxe uses amazingly advanced protein technology to create a super strong network of sulphur bonds, repairing and rebuilding your hair and leaving it soft, strong, healthy and shiny. INNOluxe isn’t just any old product to make your hair feel soft and smell nice. It’s built on some seriously game-changing science, and we’re really proud of the protein technology that goes into their products, transforming the world of haircare and more importantly, transforming your hair.

Ask you stylist about this game changing product during your next appointment.